The truth about political platforms – including mine

I strive to be as specific as accuracy allows in the presentation of  my political platform but it is imperative to understand that my program will face legislative inquiry and then, in some of the most important measures, it will go to popular referendum. Furthermore,  a number of those proposals must be introduced in the legislature by its own members; not by the executive branch. Needless to say, the legislature of New Jersey will be dominated by the two main political parties. I do expect that both parties will be fundamentally opposed to the changes I intend to pursue. It is not going to be easy.

A referendum is mandatory when an initiative involves a constitutional change. I also expect that there will be a furious campaign of propaganda and scare tactics to influence you against any of these measures that reach the stage of public decision.

There are also parts of proposals that may require change if the fiscal situation of the state is significantly different in 2014 than what it is today. I do not expect that there will be much change one way or the other but I could be wrong. It is more than 2.5 years until November 2013. If there is a bigger crisis, we may need bolder steps.

Thus what I am trying to say is that the plans I have presented in the pages are truthfully what I intend to put into effect as governor and that I will make my best effort to go in that direction.  But it is almost inevitable that there will be changes and there is always the possibility that one or more issues may not gain approval either of the New Jersey legislature or yours, in that order.