New Jersey: Political corruption

This is not an isolated case. To a greater or lesser degree, this occurs in most if not all local and independent subdivisions of government in New Jersey. This one is indeed a very vivid example of New Jersey politics in its routine operation, and in most cases with impunity. The amount of transparency in local and independent governments is very limited. It happens at the state level too but there is much more focusing on state affairs.

It is important to recall that, between municipalities, counties, boards of education, and independent authorities and commissions, there are about 2 thousand political nests of abuse.

Obviously one of the most fundamental forms to bring this under control is by reducing the number of agencies, boards, and government subdivisions. I have proposed that in my political platform.

Another method, of which I already wrote, is to strengthen civil service laws so that every public job has to be made available to the general public through a system of examinations and not just to a political clique. I have proposed that as well.

It is the public commonwealth that is squandered while maintaining a monopoly on power.