Unemployment; the greatest peril


The same as in Greece, in the United States we privatize the profits and socialize the losses. Is it Socio-capitalism ? Funnel-capitalism? What are the U.S. unemployment numbers for those between 18 and 30? What about our ex-service men and women? Nobody really knows because the true information about our unemployment figures is guarded under lock and key, and the weekly unemployment report is sanitized so it does not upset the markets too much.

I sense the same silent despair here, most notably among the youth, although it is not cool to show it and it is often drowned in alcohol or worse. They try to put a smile to adversity and the humiliation of being adults and having to depend on their parents. We are losing both hope and faith rapidly although there is also a tremendous amount of confusion. Some people berate liberals and banks at the same time. There is more anger.

It is fathers’ day. Two of my sons are here and my third just called. I wonder what kind of world I am passing on to them. They are the why of many of my actions.