The fleecing of New Jersey

Councilman A in small town Z does not get paid. He is a loyal supporter of freeholder B in county Y for many years and eventually freeholder B become state senator or county executive.

Councilman A is now in his early or mid 50’s and asks Mr.B for a public job. Mr. B gives him a plump job in one of those intractable authorities or commissions in New Jersey with a salary of $90000.

Mr. A was a city council member for 18 years. Accordingly, he has 18 of service credit with the N.J. Pension system although he did not contribute one cent (because he did not have a salary.)

Mr. A works 7 years in a job he probably does not know anything about and does even less. Of course he not a union member; he does not need a union! He retires after 7 years of “service” with a pension of about $ 4,000 a month for life + benefits. The total amount he contributed to the pension system was $31,500.

While the public has been made to focus on the pension and benefits reform, what I just described above is happening and continues to happen and there nothing either political party will ever do to correct it.

I am the only candidate for governor in 2013 that has a specific plan to do away with that abuse: Strengthening civil service law and the abolition or consolidation of most authorities and commissions in New Jersey.