New Jersey leads nation in the number of long-term unemployed

The current system of government in the state and the current administration are the causes of being # 1 in such a negative field. There are too many subdivisions of government, authorities, commissions, boards; all together several thousands of them, consuming a great portion of the tax revenue and causing, among other ills, the highest property taxes in the nation.

We can not blame this on the recession – being the worst state right next to the financial center of the nation. We are one of the wealthiest states in the union.

The government of New Jersey does not have the liquidity to engage in any program to revitalize the economy. There are  both rampant political patronage and inefficiency. The government is like a vane person who spends all the money on him/herself . Both parties are responsible.

I propose a number of measures to remedy this situation. But resolving this chaos is no simple task.