The Failure of Leadership: British PM in Tuscany on holiday while London burns = Governor Christie in Florida while N.J. is buried during blizzard

Anybody wonders why some commoners may have lost the moral compass? It is not because our role models, our “leaders”, never had one to start with? They predicate austerity and sacrifice while they indulge in the most mundane and decadent pleasures.

Rarely a day passes when we do not see the face of a politician plastered on the newspapers with a new scandal. Or when is the week when we do not read about some powerful individual or organization short-changing society or influencing the political process to his/her narrow benefit?

The governor of New Jersey has a mansion, paid for with public funds, while thousands of New Jersians are losing their homes. Approximately $0.5 billion of the New Jersey budget go to expenses of both the legislative and executive branches.

People lose hope and without hope, they have nothing else to lose.

Leadership is being an example of what we predicate. It is going “over the top” first.