Port Authority of NY and NJ hearings, as set, are just a sham to fulfill legal requirement


The hearings have been set in off-track locations and during work hours so most affected commuters can not attend because they are at work. This is a brazen act of fleecing the public without any accountability or respect.

The decision has already been made by the highest circles, including the two governors. The bulk of the shame goes to governor Christie because the majority of the daily users of the crossings over the Hudson are New Jersians.

In the short term, I tend to believe that a small toll increase is necessary, under the current administration because governor Christie is not going to change anything.

In the long term, the PA should be reformed to reflect the interests of New Jersey better. The PA is heavily involved in the reconstruction of the WTC however, being a dual state agency, it has never engaged, as far as I know, in a comparable capital project in New Jersey.

In other words, a portion of the proposed toll hikes on the Hudson, which, as I mentioned above, are mostly paid by New Jersians, will go to a building or set of buildings in NYC. Those buildings, in turn, may attract businesses from New Jersey to move to N.Y.C.

We New Jersians are getting short-changed in this arrangement.

Furthermore, in the post-Christie government, the PA, which is a nest of political patronage like every other agency in New Jersey, must be re-structured to limit the number of political appointments, as we reform civil service law in New Jersey, as I have proposed.