Governor Christie torpedoes “user fee” to save Barnegat bay

Governor Christie is all about semantics: There is no ethical skeleton in his political position: It is amorphous. The increase of the tolls of the PA of NY and NJ “was not a tax but a user fee” however a  fee on those discharging the bulk of Nitrogen into the Barnegat bay is not a user fee but “a tax increase.”

Ocean County Freeholder Director Joseph Vicari said the county has spent $1 billion over the past two decades to help preserve the bay, and he thanked the governor “because it would be another burden on the taxpayers.”

“We feel we’ve done our share,” he said. “The state should be in partnership with us.’’

That is the whole issue: I do not think that there is disagreement on the fact that the bay is in trouble. At this point the enterprise could be too large for the residents  alone. I’m afraid the job of protecting our habitat never ends; it must be a constant and sustained effort.

Either we create the systems to catch nutrients at considerable cost or herbicides and pesticides must be restricted to agricultural activities.

The building of systems to trap Nitrogen and Phosphorous compounds from sewage and run-off could generate thousands of construction jobs.

Incidentally, those chemical compounds, which are effective because they are toxic, make it not only to the Barnegat but the aquifers from which most on New Jersey gets its drinking water.




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