Solar main source of energy by 2060

That is why New Jersey must take the lead in this field and in other renewable sources of energy and not compromise an already delicate environmental profile with fracking for either gas or oil within its borders. Off-shore oil drilling should also be prohibited to protect our coastline.

The position taken by governor Christie with his one-year ban on fracking is a cope-out at best; tacit complicity with the gas industry at worst. As a chemist I can say that anybody that comes to tell me that more studies are needed to determine whether injecting huge amounts of toxic chemicals at high pressure into the ground would affect our ground-water supplies, either needs his head examined or is in silent accord with the fossil fuel industry.

I am very suspicious of the objectivity of any study when the fossil fuel industry has much influence and the environmental camp so little.

The matter is simple stoichiometry and toxic fluids will follow the same geological pathways as rainwater does after absorbed into the ground. Numerous organic compounds are lighter that water so they will raise with ground water. Inorganic acids and bases will readily dissolve in water.

We have arrived at a juncture where, as a state, we can chose a clean and prosperous future or one plagued by contaminated water supplies and a decaying economy shackled to old industries. It is our choice.

We need leadership who looks beyond the next election We need leadership that does not look at New Jersey as a springboard to higher offices. New Jersey must not be pedestal to no one.