Christie firing the wrong public workers

There are tens of thousands of political appointees, burrowed at every level and subdivision of government in New Jersey, and the governor is not doing anything to correct the fleecing of the public by the political bureaucracy. Instead he has created one of his own: Christie has over 20 aids and has appointed hundreds of political hacks to the several hundred authorities and commissions in New Jersey.

Early in 2011, the governor bombastically announced that he was dissolving several commissions. What he did not say was that those commissions had been empty for years. Not a single political appointee was dismissed because there were none. Those were “paper” commissions.

Instead, the government preys on public employees such as cops and teachers who truly have a beneficial impact on New Jersey’s quality of life and future.

Most political appointees are unclassified by civil service law, NJSA Title 11A and NJAC Title 4A, and do not belong to unions.