Mitt Romney

I watched the video. The promise that he will create 11.5 million jobs is clearly BS when at the same time he intends to “get government out of the way.” Romney can not predict, not even in the ball-park fashion, how the private sector will react nor what the world economy will be like.

His proposal to reduce federal corporate tax from 35% to 25% is a big plus but many companies manage to pay no corporate tax at all anyway – remember GE?. Nonetheless I support that idea although I would accompany it with a substantial tax increase on certain dividend (you guessed right: the foreign-earned dividend.)

Romney appears bent on lowering the taxes on dividend indiscriminately. I would lower it only on domestic dividend.

It is simply magical how he would balance the budget without touching defense, social security, and medicare while lowering some taxes at the same time.

His proposal to attack the labor unions is nothing more than an attempt to put American workers at the level of the coolies who built our railroads in the 1800’s. That one is clearly a no-go with me.

Obamacare: I have always been uncomfortable with that law for 2 main reasons: It forces people to buy costly private insurance and it has no public-administered option to introduce a profit-less competition in the field. But I am unsure whether it should be discarded or reformed.

A number of the other proposals are bombastic. The claim that he will have congress act within 30 days on almost everything is the wildest dream imaginable. I’ll have one of what he is drinking.

Romney is not a candidate I could support. He is not serious.