My thoughts on September 11, 2001

My sympathies again to all the families of the victims of that day and of all the victims since, including the families of the thousands of American and allied soldiers who have died in the two useless land wars since.  Today, as in 9/11/2001, I am angry.

My thoughts then, as they are now, have 2 parts:

1. Our foreign policy and involvement in Middle East affairs were not welcomed there and might have been decisive factors in being selected as the principal enemy by Al Qaeda, a pan-islamist movement. We should have always had a more even-handed posture in the Israeli-Arab conflict. Once we liberated Kuwait in 1991, we should have been speedily out of the region. Instead, we encroached under different pretexts.

2. But once we were attacked, our response should have been swift and devastating, putting the nation in a truly war footing, and never committing the strategic blunders of invading either Afghanistan or Iraq.