New Jersey: Controversial tenure proposal quietly put together

NJ Spotlight | Fine-Tuning a Controversial Tenure Proposal — Quietly.

The bill changes teacher tenure in New Jersey and it was governor Christie who pushed the hardest for it in his onslaught against teachers and their union. The proposed draft  is being massaged quietly, out of the public eye, and its current version will not be seen by the public until after the November election.

One of the biggest differences between the  democrats’ bill championed by state senator Teresa Ruiz  bill and the one promoted by Gov. Chris Christie is the timeline for stripping a teacher of tenure. Christie has proposed it be after one year of unsatisfactory reviews. Ruiz insisted yesterday that it must be at least two years.

But that is not final. We could see the democrats meeting Christie at his goal line.

The greatest danger of all is that of a public education system re-positioning itself to pass standardized tests and inspections rather than educating while private and charter schools flourish unchecked by anyone.

Furthermore, we risk showering with freezing water all that idealism that leads thousands of young men and women into the teaching profession as a vocation.