On Chris Christie running for president in 2012

Chris Christie seriously considering run for president in 2012 | NJ.com.

There is nobody among the contenders for the White House, from both parties and including Christie, up to the task of getting this nation out of trouble.

In the case of Christie, he has no economic policy per-se (other that cutting taxes for the upper class which is not an economic policy but an ideological stand) and he does not seem to have a grasp of foreign affairs which creates the danger that the neo-conservatives will control foreign policy in his administration, with wars everywhere: Guns instead of butter.

Talk and speeches are insufficient to solve problems. As I believe president Lincoln said once: “You can fool all the people for some time, some people all the time, but you can not fool all people all the time ” or something like that.

I am really hoping that someone else comes up.


4 responses to “On Chris Christie running for president in 2012

  1. What do you think the President is doing? That’s the only reason he was elected, because he could deliver a speech. The only action our President has taken is steps that weaken our country.

  2. The current president has been a disappointment. As for the country being weaker, there are numerous reasons and president Obama’s actions or inaction have been a contributor at times. Of course there are other factors.

    Still, Christie is not better prepared, intellectually speaking, than Obama is to deal with, for instance, the sagging economy or the Palestine issue. Which means that his actions would be directed by the ideologues he would surround himself with; just like Bush did and Obama has done.

    As a footnote: I am running for governor. It would be easier for me if the incumbent walks. I am really saying what I said before on its merits.

  3. With the way politics are today, we will never have someone that will truly work with both the Democrats and Republicans. The Palestine issue will never be solved until the Palestinians recognize a Jewish state.

  4. True: Country very polarized now. Almost in ferment, and then we have the economy going south too.
    Palestinians don’t speak with one voice but as Israel takes a hard line, it validates Hamas and takes away from Fatah – the moderate group.
    Time is not on the side of Israel. It is becoming more isolated. Very complex situation.

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