Regulators Investigating MF Global

Regulators Investigating MF Global –

The firm, the first victim of the Euro debt crisis, is led by former governor of New Jersey, Jon S. Corzine.


Business Activity Grows in U.S in October

Business Activity in U.S. Grows as Factories Accelerate Economic Recovery – Bloomberg.

At the core of the improvement it could be than many companies are rushing to qualify for a larger government credit. That may be contributing to the increases in business investment, replacing vehicle fleets and industrial equipment. The tax compromise between the Obama administration and the republicans allows companies to depreciate 100% of their capital investment in 2011 but only 50% in 2012.

Christie Abandons Fight for Environment to Further his GOP Standing

Time to put politics aside, clean up dirty coal plants to N.J.’s west |

Several states are suing to enforce the stricter EPA regulations. New Jersey’ governor has backed out of that effort.

The governor is still eyeing the VP post in the next GOP presidential ticket

Stricter pollution controls west of New Jersey will improve the quality of the air we all breathe. A great deal of the pollution we are exposed to comes from the mid-west.

Christie Sets Up New Jersey for Pension Debacle as early as 2018

Despite reform, costs of N.J. pension and health care are daunting |

Because the state of New Jersey is not making the necessary matching contributions, the shape of the N.J. Pension system will be back to the precarious condition it was prior to the reforms earlier this year or worse. This could happen as early as 2018.

Christie will be out of office by then, even if he is re-elected in 2013. He is just passing the buck to the next governor.

A sharp decline of the stock market could move the reckoning date forward.

Road to Victory: Campaign organization

I do not accept campaign contributions. That places me at a disadvantage as a candidate. The two established parties not only have standing organizations, partly funded by taxpayers’ money and partly by donations; they also have a fundraising capability unmatched in history. That entrenched bureaucracy will make an extraordinary effort to continue  exploiting each and everyone of us for as long as we live. To dislodge them will require effort and coordination.

I cannot do this alone. I need  your help.

If you believe in my program and consider its implementation necessary to save New Jersey, join with me. Phase 1 is you talking to your family and friends about this campaign to retake New Jersey and to ask them to talk to their friends and relatives and so on. Show them my website but you should also become aware of the issues: New Jersey is home. We must protect it together. Not only for us but for our children.

We can not save New Jersey without knowing the issues. Getting to know the links between parts: I.E. Why strengthening civil service laws will save you in taxes. Why raising the minimum wage is important. Why having different tax rates for different dividends.

Phase 2 is organizing. That step must begin in as soon as possible. You and your family and friends must elect a local leader. The leaders must contact me via e-mail first and I will link you together. Once that is done we should all meet and discuss plans, tactics and strategy, ask and answer questions, and above all get to know one another. We can arrange the meetings by regions to minimize your travel. In order to simplify subsequent meetings, we may select region coordinators under whom several leaders will function.

Phase 3 will be the petition. This begins in early 2013. We must gather 800 signatures of registered voters. I will help with that too, like another foot soldier. It would be very helpful if one attorney can volunteer some time to review all the documents. The worst scenario is if either party tries to mount a challenge to my petition. I know I meet all the residence and citizenship requirements but that may not stop them. Both parties are full of dirty tricks.

I will also need a lieutenant governor and he/she will be one of you.

After my Lt. and I are certified as candidates and are placed on the ballot, we must return to phase 1 and mobilize the voters, the people.

This sub-page will appear as a post at least once every week until October 2013. All depends on you.

Long live New Jersey.

New Jersey: The Road to Prosperity

1. We must increase the amount of money that people make significantly to raise the standard of living. That is why my proposed minimum wage increase of 150% to push all wages up.

2. We must reshuffle the tax system so that it benefits New Jersians and those who invest in New Jersey above all. In that process, we must reduce the number of government units, notably counties and boards of education. Counties alone represent between 20% and 25% of the entire property tax burden of New Jersey. That is more than $10 billion a year. Although a number of county departments and agencies should remain, I truly believe that such a staggering bill could be at least cut in half when we discount the political bodies.

3. We must lower our corporate taxes – in many cases to zero – to attract more corporations to relocate to New Jersey. That also includes all S corporations, LP, and independent professionals in the state. This is not corporate welfare; they will have to pay significantly higher wages. But they must see a reason ($) to move here.

Note that Item #2 will involve one or more amendments to the constitution of New Jersey. People will get to vote on the changes.

This will be my second page which I will be posting every Sunday.

Health Insurer Suit Challenges Maine Regulators

Insurer profits at issue in Anthem Health Plans of Maine suit – The Washington Post.

The ruling, when it comes, although in a state court could set a precedent for other states. If the insurer prevails, we could see higher insurance premiums for everyone in New Jersey.