U.S. Political leaders silent about protests

BBC News – Where are the Occupy Wall Street protests heading?.

Why aren’t president Obama, governors Christie and Cuomo, etc decrying the police repression of peaceful protesters in New York City?

Why haven’t they at least acknowledge the protests? Is this a “gentlemen’s agreement” of silence?

What is the point of spending $ billions and countless lives around the world allegedly spreading democracy when democracy is under police assault right here at home and there is a curtain of silence and denial spread around our young protesters?

What we are showing to the world is that we are a nation governed by hypocrites who use democracy to spread influence by the force of arms while suppressing it here at home.

Our leaders are not listening to the American people. History repeats itself; this is how the Lenin, Mao, and Castro came to power. They were all preceded by leaders who blended arrogance and myopia.

I feel like I am living in a circle.