Obama, Biden finally speak about OWS protests

Obama says protests give voice to economic frustrations – CNN.com.

It is not only economic frustrations as if the protesters would be satisfied if they had a good job. I believe that the issues are much more multifaceted. These are  for the most part young people who are concerned about the direction the country is taking.

This is not the “me” generation which makes the ranks of the tea party. This is the Millennial generation, with an entire different set of values. It is clear to me that for the majority of the protesters, the motives are not selfish. They may even have the same idealism of the anti-war protesters of the 1960″s.

The is no question that the country is on the wrong track. The protests are not about butter only, as the president says. The political system is broken and the protesters are the first to take to the streets clamoring for a fix – which they have not been able to define yet.