A case to watch if gay marriage becomes law in New Jersey. Issue: Same-sex spousal recognition by churches acting as employers

Supreme Court Justices Find Government Line in Church-State Case ‘Amazing’ – ABC News.

If same-sex marriage becomes law (which I intend to support and present to the legislature) New Jersey churches would be exempt from performing same sex marriages but as employers they would still be bound to recognize same-sex spouses as such for the purpose of fringe benefits.

Whatever the U.S. supreme Court rules here may shed a new light on this latter issue.

If the  USSC ruling prevents New Jersey from enforcing its labor laws on the church and if any church chooses to discriminate against same-sex spouses, it is more than likely that I would seek to ban any monetary transfers between the state of New Jersey and the culprits. Such measure would include any subsidies that the state may be giving to parochial schools, religious charters , vouchers, etc.