Occupy Trenton protesters told to move belongings by today

Occupy Trenton occupants told to move belongings by today | NJ.com.

This coincides with efforts by NYC authorities to vacate Zuccotti Park under the pretext of cleaning it.

It is clear that the authorities are adopting the method of least resistance, after the initial shows of open repression in NYC generated a bad reaction across the country. Police now will wait out the protests, making their presence as uncomfortable as possible, and counting on the inclement weather to make the protests/occupations  untenable.

The new tactic may succeed, notably in northern areas of the country, but it is also more than likely that the movement will regain strength in Spring.

I do support the protests because they contribute to raise the awareness toward all the problems we face in this country and help dismiss the notion that Americans are complacent or indifferent to what is happening to our nation.