Protesters, police clash in New York City

Occupy Wall Street protesters march to Chase bank |

NYPD continues to harass protesters with nickel and dime demands and as soon as a demonstrator is slow in obeying, the police employs disproportionate force.

Notice in the photo enclosed that the two officers are laughing while they subdue a man to the ground.

I attended a small rally, perhaps between 50 and 75 people today in Newton, New Jersey. Two democratic career politicians were invited to speak by the organizers, the “Speak out for the People’s Priorities” group.

Ironically and entirely by chance, I got to speak before them and I denounced the U.S. Supreme Court and their ruling, “Citizens United v. FEC”, called for a constitutional amendment limiting campaign contributions to real people, and accused both political parties of being the problem. So there was a bit of awkwardness when the democrats followed me.

North reported later that there was very little activity in New Jersey. Pity because the main reason why I support these protests is that they are the only ones speaking openly about some genuine problems we have in this country.

I also agree that individuals working at the actual NYSE are not, by far, the main culprits in this mess. Perhaps we should be protesting in Washington because the real problem is there.