Unemployment and taxes top list of N.J. residents’ concerns

Poll: Unemployment and taxes top list of N.J. residents’ concerns | NJ.com.

To have growth (which translates into jobs and higher wages) there must be demand. People must have real disposable income to fuel demand. The illusion of prosperity on easy credit, following the Reagan/Thatcher model, has disappeared.

New Jersians owe too much and make too little. I am not so much promising to lower taxes, which in view of the fiscal crisis the state faces it would be hypocritical and irresponsible.

However: I am committing myself to shift the tax burden for the benefit of New Jersians. We will favor those who invest in our state and disfavor those who invest outside New Jersey.

To energize New Jersey’s economy we must undertake very deep reforms – as a rule, the solutions must have the depth of the problems they are intended to solve. Out tax and political systems are broken. We must revamp them to have economic growth.

The levels of taxation in New Jersey, as required now to maintain the almost 2000 government subdivisions under the state government is simply untenable. We must reduce the number of government subdivisions.

Both republican and democrat parties are disconnected from the reality of the majority in New Jersey. Their concern is to win the next election.