New Jersey Seeks Waiver of ‘No Child Left Behind’ Requirements

New Jersey looks to waive requirements of ‘No Child Left Behind,’ proposes new school accountability system |

Instead, education commissioner Cerf is proposing a new system of accountability for teachers.

I confess do not know how much money the U.S. attaches to compliance with NCLB.

I am against setting up a system of teacher evaluations which will become Inquisition-like, destroying all sense of unity among faculty, and creating a standardized test-passing culture.

I believe not only school days should be longer but class periods and school years should be longer. Most countries beating us in the education field have school years over 200 days. I would propose a 220 day school-year, as some countries in Europe and Asia have.

I agree with someone who has said that the curriculum in New Jersey schools is diluted in an effort to pass everyone. As a result, the majority of our students, who could learn more, must slow down to allow the stragglers to catch up. In the end, to receive federal funds, we are doing an immense disservice to our children and still we fail to meet the 100% requirement on NCLB.

The worst scenario I can foresee is that, if such Draconian law as NCLB is not modified, New Jersey may have to do without the federal carrots that come attached to the law and proceed with its own independent education program.