Our Votes Validate the Election Sham – BOYCOTT THEM

Republicans and democrats, far from being opponents, are accomplices in the mismanagement of New Jersey. The two dominant parties control the political process in a manner that our vote, far from being cast in a fair and free election, is used by the political establishment to stake a claim of legitimacy while any real opposition is muffled.

Yes, we get to choose freely but our choices are ham-and-cheese or cheese-and-ham.

That is why, with a heavy heart, I urge you all to cast a protest vote tomorrow, either by not voting at all or voting for a write-in “someone else.”

This will be the first year that I will not vote since I became a citizen in 1992.

I believe our electoral process is rigged and I also believe that at this moment, a no-vote is the most appropriate form of protesting and demanding political reforms