Generation Jobless: Young Men Suffer Worst in Weak Job Market

Generation Jobless: Young Men Suffer Worst in Weak Job Market –

I can not describe my surprise when I saw this article in the Wall Street Journal. I had subscribed to the online edition while back but tended to by-pass it for less ideologically-charged sources such as Fortune, Bloomberg, etc.

I accept it: Even the WSJ can become more sensitive to the fate of common people. There is hope after all.

In any event, the problem described here is serious and although the situation of college graduates is slightly better, overall we have an entire generation in serious trouble.

And that could come to haunt the nation one day, particularly if this generation is politicized by anarchists or communists. The ultra-right, in its monumental ignorance, is creating the most fertile ground for political agitators of the ultra-left.

It is more difficult on males because they are more wired to be the breadwinners, support of the family, etc. That is the self-image of the young American male.

In a sense, women are stronger in dealing with this type of adversity.

I just hope I will be able to help.