U.S. Trade Deficit in U.S. Narrowed 4% to $43.1Billion

Trade Deficit in U.S. Narrowed 4% to $43.1B – Bloomberg.

Imports declined due to low domestic demand. Exports increased.

Helping support overseas demand for U.S. goods is the drop in the value of the dollar since the middle of last year. The Dollar Index, which IntercontinentalExchange Inc. uses to track the currency against that of six major trade partners including the euro and yen, fell 18 percent from June 7, 2010 to April 29. It has since trimmed that loss as the crisis in Europe deepened.

The deficit with Canada widened to $3.5 billion, while the gap with Mexico narrowed to $5 billion. The shortfall with the European Union shrank to $6.4 billion in September after $9 billion a month earlier.

The U.S. had a $1.2 billion surplus with Brazil.