Occupy Wall Street Protests Shifting to College Campuses

Occupy Wall Street Protests Shifting to College Campuses – NYTimes.com.

The message of the protests is much more important than the physical location as long as it is visible. The protests at parks always seemed to me as effectively restricted by police activity, which could limit the expansion and the numbers of protesters easily.

At the universities, the movement encounters a large pool of potential recruits who are highly educated and many of whom are disenchanted with their employment prospects. It is a fact that society is failing the future generations and the majority of politicians are just trying to get through the next election.

My opinion of the current crop of political leaders shifts almost daily, back and forth, between “they are alienated from reality” and “the bad ones don’t care but for themselves and the good ones have given up”

I believe this is a very smart move by the Occupy movement. If they get to politicize just a portion of the student bodies  we may see a very massive movement in the nation, probably surpassing the anti-war movement of the late 1960’s.

Police forces may be taking the wrong side of history. They should show more restraint. This is not a fight against them. At the individual level, their future and their children’s future are at stake here too. As the middle class collapses and more and more local governments drown in red ink, we may see more and more privatization of public security services