U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Health Care Law. New Jersey Must Create Exchange With Public Option

Health Care Is Inexorably Changing, Despite Legal Uncertainty – NYTimes.com.

Many of the young whose enrollment in parents’ policies would have been terminated continue to enjoy that coverage under the law.

My youngest son who is 23 just graduated from college and has just been able to find a part-time position without benefits. But the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act keeps him on my policy as long as he lives with me, which he is forced to do for now as he is not able to afford living on his own.

The law is also transforming the the health care industry and it is that sector of the economy the only one experiencing constant growth.

But the legal challenges may pose a significant obstacle to the application of the law. If the mandatory enrollment requirement is stricken down, funding will be lacking.

It is imperative that as New Jersey sets up its exchange, a public option must be part of it.