30,000 OWS Protesters in NYC Yesterday,

November 17: Historic Day of Action for the 99% | OccupyWallSt.org.

Despite some missteps in tactics – like the static occupation of a park – the movement represents the loudest expression of some of the problems we face in America.

Some concrete demands are in order though, such as the overruling of that toxic decision of the U.S. Supreme Court “Citizens United VS FEC”. The OWS movement would be well served if it started, right at this point, a push toward an amendment to the constitution of the United States restricting donations to individuals, defining individuals as living beings, and establishing some limit to political contributions.

I believe such a call would resonate widely and no time is too soon to start because passing such an amendment is a long process.

For the people of the United States, I can not think of a more significant reform than dismissing that fateful Supreme Court decision.