Christie Appoints More Part/Time Political Hacks Into Public Pension System

Christie slow to eliminate part-time employees from troubled retirement system |

The practice has been to allow part/time employees – often those well connected who make a living elsewhere – to join the New Jersey Public Retirement System where they qualify for life-time health benefits after just 10 years.

The jobs are often created just to accommodate those individuals and do not reflect any genuine or necessary function, or their functions do not make them public employees.

A dysfunctional civil service law allows the practice under the category “unclassified”.

During the campaign to reform the pensions which culminated with increased employee contributions, legislation was voted in which called for the removal of the part-timers from the system.

Christie has not only failed to comply but has added more persons into the system.

I shall, if elected governor in 2013, enforce that law and I will seek to make the date of passage of the legislation the cut-off date.