Senate Rejects Effort To Strip Detainee Provision From Defense Bill

Senate Rejects Effort To Strip Detainee Provision In Defense Authorization Bill.

The Senate has rejected the Udall amendment which would have stripped the defense bill of the sections dealing with the capture and handling of suspected terrorists.

Handling of those persons arrested will be up to the Defense Department rather than the Justice Department, according to the new rules.

The decision on who is a terrorist would be left to the President of the United States; the current and future ones.

This is a sad day, when the senate chooses to institutionalize tyranny.  Not since we interned Japanese American during WWII there has been such an assault on our civil liberties. An unlike WWII, this is an endless war according to neo-cons and other hawks.

This legislation will be used to repress dissent at home.

Those marked could be held indefinitely without charges or trial. 

The Senate may finish the bill by the end of the week.