New Jersey’s Infrastructure is Falling Apart: Companies Do Not Settle in a Region with Poor Roads and Pricey Labor

NJ Spotlight | By the Numbers: New Jersey’s Soaring Infrastructure Costs.

The infrastructure of New Jersey is falling apart and needs billions in investment, just to keep up with the ever increasing vehicular traffic. At the same time, we are relying on the automobile as much as ever. The combination of these two factors do not augur well for the future.

Either we invest a lot of money in roads and bridges or we undertake a mass exodus to a mass transit system that, for the most part, does not exist. Corporations do not settle in a state with a crumbling infrastructure.

I believe that the future resides in both. We must invest and and we also must develop more rail, light rail, and tramways. Let’s not forget that the price of fuel will continue to increase, even though the current recession has dampened that climb.

Governor Christie took $1.8 billion from the PA of NY and NJ, which at least partially contributed to the toll increases, but still is a drop in a bucket. However, to have money, we must reform the government and that is not something that this governor, or any governor of either party will entertain.