It’s a Long Way to Tipperary

Historic Hoboken ferry terminal reopens –

I own a copy (in CD of course) of the original Irish song which came out around 1915, during WWI, while Ireland was still part of the British Empire and many Irishmen were conscripted to fight the Germans  in France. The recording is awfully scratchy as it is to be expected but still gives you a double sense of euphoria and nostalgia.

I use the title of the song as title of this posting only because it will be an even longer way to rebuild the public transportation system of New Jersey to a level where, if you want to go from point A to point B, you will have the choice of using your car or taking a train or trolley, with almost equal convenience.

The creation of  the system described above is one of my goals if elected governor in 2013 although I am very aware that I will just be able to start a process and I may not see the end-result. It will be a long rebuilding project.

Is it necessary? I believe so. The price of oil is expected to increase 1/3 in the next 20 years. And that could be a conservative estimate which does not take into account the effects of speculation in the futures market. Emerging economies will use more and more of the stuff and even if we drill holes in the entire planet, we must come to the realization that the amount of fossil fuels beneath us is finite.

Today, if one wants to go from one point in New Jersey to another, almost invariably, one must make a transfer in… NYC!

It is completely absurd.

Developing mass transit will not only create more jobs but provide breathing space to our infrastructure of roads and bridges, thus there will be savings in road and bridge maintenance.

Now to the issue in the article quoted: The event of the reopening of the Erie Lackawanna Ferry Terminal after decades of abandon is absolutely fantastic. I do not know when by whom  this project was started but whoever and whenever, all participants deserve  a round of applause. This is a building of classical beauty.