Benzene, Methane, Other Chemicals Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing Found in Wyoming Wells

EPA sounds alarm on fracking in Wyoming – Dec. 9, 2011.

Studies are preliminary, the EPA says. The EPA advises to buy all water for drinking and cooking and showering with an exhaust fan on.

Now, methane is a gas at room temperature and I would say it is safe to cook with water containing some methane dissolved in it because it will evaporate.  After all I am a chemist so I am comfortable with chemicals.

When it comes to benzene, the tune is different. Benzene is a liquid at room temperature, and its boiling point at sea-level/1 atmosphere is 80 degrees C or 177 degrees Fahrenheit but that is for reagent-grade pure benzene. Any contaminants in the benzene – even its mixture with water – will increase its boiling point (and decrease its melting point) due to chemical laws. And there are thousands of derivatives of benzene with boiling points all over the place.

Therefore, as I have stated in other postings, there will be no fracking in New Jersey if I am elected governor in 2013.