Driving People to Accept the Unacceptable

Obama Says Righting U.S. Economy to Be ‘Long-Term Project’ for Presidents – Bloomberg.

It was early in 2002 when the Bush administration sold the idea yhat the “War On Terror” would last for generations. It came just in time to replace the extinct Cold War. Bush then told Americans that the best way to fight the war was shopping; there were no war bonds, or tax increases (in fact just the opposite), or rationing, or general conscription. There were two invasions, Afghanistan and Iraq, both carried out sufficiently under-strength so that both conflicts would protract for over a decade.

Was the latter arrogant folly or a Machiavellic calculation?

In the interim, the new war was used to suppress civil liberties for everyone. Under the pretext of no-racial-profiling, we all came under surveillance. Even today, when Al Qaeda is all beaten and reduced to a few old men, the U.S. Congress debates a new law which will allow the government to arrest anybody, anywhere, for any length of time, and without any declared cause or warrant. I presume that the legal principle of Habeas Corpus is passe.

A conservative Supreme Court will attest to the constitutionality of the new law. The constitution of the USSR sounded pretty similar to the U.S. constitution. The difference was that nobody cared about the USSR constitution. We are rapidly closing that gap.

Now president Obama is following Bush steps, with an adaptation to economics. He is already setting the expectations up for a prolonged period of socio-economic imbalance: “Reversing structural problems in our economy that have been building up for two decades, that was going to take time,” Obama said yesterday. It is not a coincidence that governor Christie has said exactly the same thing in New Jersey.

What is anybody doing to correct those structural problems? Nothing. In fact, it is more like quite the opposite.

I have already saved and put away this posting 4 times because it is depressing enough. Everybody is just kicking the can down the hill a bit, just to get through their terms, elections, re-elections, lives, etc.