Privatization of Police? Blackwater Changes Name Again Vying For Government Contracts

Blackwater Name Change: Private Security Firm Switches Name Again To Academi From Xe.

It is just a matter of time before Blackwater/Xe/Academi attempts to move into the state and municipal law enforcement business, as our foreign wars end and state, local governments continue their efforts to cut costs.

A private security force would represent no cost associated with pensions or health benefits. It would be in the strictest sense a mercenary force; one fixed amount of money and that is it. New Jersey has the ideal multitude of police departments and that invites privatization. It is very easy to privatize a small force.

I believe Camden County already fired numerous cops from several police departments and rehired some of them with lower wages and benefits in a unified force. From that step to hiring a private firm to handle security is just one more step.

A mercenary force for police would also guarantee loyalty in cases of civil disturbances when the local police forces could see themselves torn between conflicting interests. That could be a very important concern behind a potential privatization.

My proposals to create a unified Police of New Jersey would make that transition to private policing the most difficult. It would be almost impossible to privatize the police when we have just one large police force in New Jersey.