From Finland, an Education Model to Reckon With

From Finland, an Intriguing School-Reform Model –


School starts at the age of 7, and nobody is tested until at all until later years. Teachers and their profession are held in high esteem, quite the opposite from the derogatory campaign undertaken by the Governor of New Jersey.

I have reached the conclusion that teacher testing, as it is proposed to be applied here in New Jersey, is a waste of precious time, and the privatization of public schools is a complete sham. Teacher merit pay is also a counterproductive measure for it destroys  the cohesion and spirit of cooperation of the school staff, and will be inevitably used to favor the politically connected.

Can we import the Finnish model and apply it to the letter? Certainly not, as Dr. Sahlberg has warned. But we must take from it as much as can be applied in New Jersey.

Above all, we must reduce the administrative arm in education in New Jersey and pass those resources onto actual teaching. We must substantially increase the amount of school time.

Above all, we must stop the governmental Jihad against teachers which is nothing but a travesty motivated by ideology and greed.

Some people are trying to make money out of education and to justify the takeover, they denigrate an entire profession while at they same time they clamor for good teachers.

Teachers’ morale could not be lower in New Jersey today, after all the public abuse they have taken.