New Jersey Developer Giving Up on Offshore Wind

NJ Spotlight | New Jersey Developer Says It’s Giving Up on Offshore Wind.

New Jersey, under Christie, is not doing enough – even though he has probably done more that any other governor. This is an area where the state must step in even if for a decade or two, offshore wind power is more expensive than other means of generating electricity. We must understand that it will not always be that way and that the maintenance of offshore windmills would generate numerous well-paying jobs; just what New Jersey needs to revitalize the economy.

The concept that an emerging industry must pay off from day one is bringing this country to its knees. We are condemning the future.

I am committed to offshore wind power and in matters of energy, it will be at the center if I am elected governor in 2013. If necessary, I am willing to apply a “development surtax” on conventional forms of generation to be able to promote offshore energy wind farms.

The main obstacle to offshore wind is the initial capital investment, the construction of the windmills and their grid in the ocean.