New Jersey: New Bill in Senate Lame-Duck Session Could Imperil Water Quality, Encourage Sprawl

NJ Spotlight | Critics Contend New Bill Imperils Water Quality, Encourages Sprawl.

This is a tough one because it is imperative to protect our water resources and limit the additional burdens that sprawling developments place on existing infrastructure but construction is one of the residual industries in New Jersey and it is vital to revive it.

We are going to have to strike a balance. There are two fundamental factors to take into account: 1. Sewage treatment facilities, their final stage, and the size of the waterways they discharge into. Point 2 is existing roads and rail. Point # 1 is the limiting factor because it is by far the costlier to upgrade and we can not make a river bigger.

It is very difficult to establish such point of equilibrium now without knowing the economic condition New Jersey will be in in 2014. But as a rule-of-thumb I can say that the better the economy is, the stricter the protections should be.