After the Passage of the NDAA, We All Could Become Mannings

Whistleblower in Court: US Determined to Punish Bradley Manning – SPIEGEL ONLINE – News – International.

The only real piece of incriminating evidence he revealed was the official video and voice recording of an Apache helicopter blasting a BBC news crew to bits in Iraq – and laughing about it. Other than that, the revelations published in Wikileaks amounted to thousands and thousands of pages of boring diplomatic gossip and chit chat. But those pages might have been the inanimate contributors to the Arab uprisings.

Who has done more harm to this nation? Manning or the politicians who led this country to the debacle in Iraq?

President Obama already condemned Manning in a public statement – “He broke the law” – although candidate Obama spoke favorably of whistle blowers during his 2008 campaign.

The principal charge against Manning is “aiding the enemy” although there is no evidence that he ever had any contact with any terrorist group. From the perspective of military justice, any anti-war protester could be considered to be aiding the enemy.

He could spend the rest of his life in military prison if convicted. The pre trail hearing started today at Fort Meade, Maryland, under heavy security.

I support Bradley Manning. He already served 18 months in military prison. He should be freed.