Why We Must Strengthen Civil Service In New Jersey

For Youngest Veterans, the Bleakest of Job Prospects – NYTimes.com.

The unemployment rate for veterans aged 20 to 24 is about 30% this year and it will get worse as more than a million veterans will enter the work force in the next five years as the foreign wars end and the armed services contract under budgetary pressures.

New Jersey Civil Service Law is a mess of broken regulations which only help the political establishment to place their friends and relatives in public jobs. The number of political appointees at all levels of government in New Jersey could well be near 100,000 individuals.

Not only that drains the public coffers and contributes to high taxes but it also deprives the rest of the citizenry of the opportunity of public employment.

Veterans should be at the top of the lists of equally qualified applicants derived from open examinations. Open examinations or equivalent resume vetting should be required for most if not all public positions, including managerial. Politicians in office should be prohibited by LAW to advocate for the hiring of a friend or relative.

Today, under the current dominance of the two parties, it is who you know and not what you know the determinant factor in getting a public job.