After Years-Long Legal Battle, Transgender Woman Is Reinstated to Work in Georgia

After years-long legal battle, transgender woman returns to work – In America – Blogs.

As anybody who has read my biography knows, I am a transsexual woman. New Jersey has had some of the most protective legislation toward transgenders of both sexes for some time. That is why there is no mention of any reform specific to transgenders in my political program. I do intend, however, to seek the legalization of same sex marriage if elected governor in 2013.

Title VII of the U.S. Code does not mention transgenders but it still applies. The legal argument goes like this: If an employer does not discriminate against Christians or Muslims, but discriminates against converts, it is still religious discrimination. Likewise, if an employer does not discriminate against men or women but only against those who change their sex, it is still sex discrimination. Federal Appeal Courts have issued similar rulings as the one above in other districts.

I understand some people feel uncomfortable toward transgenders. In those cases, the feeling is reciprocal. The keywords for coexistence are respect and space.

I did encounter some problems at work when I transitioned in 2003 but everything was settled amicably out of court. I was never fired. Of course my sons always refer to me as he because I am their dad.

The term transsexual is generally used to denote those who have had sex reassignment surgery whereas transgender is of a more general context.