Police Destroys Car In Futile Search for Marijuana

In futile car search for drugs, Pompton Lakes police inflict $12K worth of damage | NJ.com.

It is not the police fault. Those are their orders. I have in my political program the legalization of marijuana if I am elected governor in 2013. That may encounter problems with the federal government and federal law would supersede state laws to a extent. That means we will not have 7-11’s and Quick Check’s selling marijuana cigarettes nor will the cultivation be legal- except for medical uses.

However, I still believe we can decriminalize marijuana at the state level so the police of New Jersey would cease to persecute the use and movement of marijuana within the state borders. Federal authorities however could still arrest marijuana users and dealers within New Jersey.

I would also look into pardoning a number of non-violent marijuana-involved prisoners in state custody at the earliest opportunity.

We would still have a number of restrictions regarding use and employment, minors, etc., similarly to those that apply to alcohol and tobacco.

This is work in progress and priority 2.

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