Of War and the Reign of Fear – Forever

Todd : «La réalité de l’Amérique est qu’elle est toujours en guerre».

“The reality of America is that she is always at war”

Do not take me for a dove. I was going berserk – in Old Blog – last year when Obama and NATO were hesitant while the forces of Libyan dictator Kadhafi approached Benghazi. I implored for supporting the rebels and almost threw a party when I heard that the French planes had begun attacking the advancing army in the desert and that we were about to help too. I supported president Obama in that moment as I had supported him in November 2008.

I opposed, and still oppose communism.  I was a political prisoner in Cuba. Those times deeply marked me. I believe we must have a strong defense. But there are limits. We have clearly gone over those limits with the Indefinite Detention Clause in the NDAA.  And the bellicose atmosphere is pervasive. Even the mainstream media is always talking about powerful weapons and the warfare of the future. Point in case: The NYT yesterday. NYT: Take a chill pill. Will there be a future if we go on this path?

Guns or Butter?

We have over 1000 military bases in the world. But many of our young are unemployed or underemployed. Many veterans too.


I am supporting Ron Paul today because every other candidate out there, including the incumbent president, are bent on maintaining a state of constant war and fear which is redefining the country not only in substance but in our minds and the minds of the rest of the world. I do not support Paul in everything but he resonates in the most important factors: Liberty and Peace.

And it is time for Peace. The few thousand terrorists across the globe are a police, special forces, and intelligence matter; not an army and navy issue. In the case of Iran, we have a nuclear deterrent and it has served us well against more formidable foes.

The Marianne.Fr article above is a synopsis of a book which says precisely that. And the worse part is that we are NOT winning wars, or minds, or hearts. We are feared, hated, and losing: Iraq is again showing its fault lines.  There is also an attempt to justify the heavy military footprint with the argument that the military-related industry in vital for the economy: I do not dispute that. But the facts, the experience, history, all show that military expending generates much less growth than conventional, infrastructure, industrial, education, R&D spending.

I believe our defense budget is greater that all the other defense budgets in the planet combined. We have more people in jail than China, a communist country with 4 times our population.

To enhance the war, but also – I suspect – to squash any dissidence at home, Congress and Obama have teamed up to shred the 4th. Amendment of the Constitution of the United States on New Years Eve.

People, wake up! To allegedly protect liberty, our current government is suppressing it. We do not need or want a police state in what was the Land of the Free.


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  1. Welfare – as you call it – which is rather a number of programs such as Aid to Families with Dependent Children, Food Stamps, etc., is not the cause but the consequence of individual, social, educational, and economic problems.

  2. Good thoughts posted. I almost gave up on politics and became a self isolationist for a while but Ron Paul gives me hope. Its good to know that independent thought still thrives by others that care. Cheers

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