Guantanamo: Our Collective Shame

My Guantánamo Nightmare –

This type of illegal kidnapping and indefinite detention has now been made law in the National Defense Authorization Act signed by president Obama, the same who hypocritically promised in his campaign to close Guantanamo.

All Americans, you and I included, are now potential targets for this type of capture and detention.


One response to “Guantanamo: Our Collective Shame

  1. I wrote this small piece early in the morning after reading the story in the New York Times. I chose the title at random, unaware that there there had been a blog posting with the same title 8 years ago. Its link is below. It is on the same subject but it was a complete coincidence that I chose the same title, Perhaps I did because we are all indeed at shame for what has been and is still done.

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