Solar, Wind Energy Vital for New Jersey

NJ Spotlight | Solar Sector Likely to Look for Stabilization by Regulation.

After the disdainful lame-duck session of our legislature ignored solar energy, other measures may be needed to sustain one of the very few industries growing in New Jersey.

It is in the interest of New Jersey to develop renewable energy,  not only for our environment’ and lungs but for the following:

Before the new year is over, we may be at war with Iran and oil supplies from the Persian Gulf may be disrupted. Venezuela could also boycott the U.S. if we attack Iran. Brent crude is more expensive. Nigeria, one of our suppliers, is convulsed by civil unrest between christians ans muslims. There could be a change of government in Canada, another of our suppliers, and Canadians may take a closer look at the devastating effects of hydraulic fracturing in Alberta.

Emerging economies will continue to increase their use of fossil fuels, driving up prices.

Furthermore, with start-up, help, both solar and wind can become as efficient as conventional forms of energy generation. As I have stated before in this forum and others, it all depends on the cost of capitalization. We are not going to to be here just today. It is about time we start thinking about tomorrow.

Both industries are labor intensive and that means good paying jobs for New Jersians.