Notice of Blackout

WordPress has announced that it will join the blackout in protests for SOPA/PIPA. I support WordPress in that decision. After governor Chrisitie’s State of the State speech today, I will publish my response.  It should be available today and again on Thursday. Wikipedia-English, Reddit, and other internet companies will be out tomorrow as well.

The list of supporters of SOPA/PIPA is in the link below. Why some of these organizations have joined in the censorship effort is beyond my comprehension.

The White House has supported this legislation although the president, in his typical hypocrisy,  has also said that he will not support censorship.

Yeah, like signing NDAA with the indefinite detention with no charge “with reservations”

How wrong I was in supporting him in 2008! But then, McCain was not any better. McCain is the co-sponsor of the detention clause, with democrat senator Levin.

I should have supported Stephen Colbert.