Gov. Christie Refuses to Sign Bill that Would Deny Public Pensions/Benefits to Politicians Who Are Not Public Workers

Gov. Christie declines to sign bill that would deny state pensions to certain non-public sector workers |

This is the litmus test that reveals the governor’s true colors and allegiances. The issue at hand is, for the most part, politically connected individuals who do not work in the public sector at all but because of those political connections were able to secure public pensions and health benefits in the past.

The bill vetoed does not even cover those existing cases already in the system – which are many – such as officials of  The League of Municipalities, which could be characterized as a lobbying club and meets regularly in Atlantic City.

The law only applies to future members of those un-official organizations or private entities which took advantage of the largess of successive administrations and legislatures.

Nonetheless, this governor wants to keep that door open to give those benefits to more political hacks in the future.

This is one of the problems I am determined to put an end to if elected governor in 2013.