Net Increase in Property Taxes Under Christie is 20% in 2 Years

NJ Spotlight | Net Property Taxes Up 20 Percent Under Christie.

The net increment is considering both the actual property tax increases and the reductions in homeowners’ rebates – which in essence have the same effect as paying higher tax. That is the problem with having a multitude of taxes: On income, on property, on sales, and then a multitude of user fees. Politicians use them for their shell game,  just like street swindlers do. Both republicans and democrats do the same and then pretend they are different.

Christie’s boast of the 2% cap is just a great sham.

This spider web of taxation allows the two parties to make all these false claims about reductions while in fact the burden continues to increase and we are not getting its value’s worth in return. The bulk of the increases go to feed an enormous and  useless layer of political hacks.

If elected governor of New Jersey in 2013, I intend to eliminate property and sales taxes . Some user fees may be abolished as well, notably Turnpike and Parkway tolls. In turn, government will be drastically reduced at the top – where it is never touched. Income tax and taxes on dividend earned off New Jersey will increase as well. Education will be funded entirely from the income tax and general revenue.

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