Porous New Jersey Civil Service Law Permits Immense Abuses – Fleecing of New Jersey Must Stop

We must restore public integrity. Public employment must be open to all New Jersey residents and not just to political cronies.

The case of the Port Authority of NY and NJ is just the latest in a long list. Every time, the governor and politicians of turn – in this case Christie, Sweeney and co. – feign outrage and promise action. But in very plain English: They are all the same and it is all  B.S.

Because that broken system is what gets them into office, maintains the dominance of the two political bureaucracies – democrats and republicans alike – and helps to maintain the incredible perks that come with that office. And then, there is power.

Civil Service Law was created precisely to prevent these abuses and maintain a professional public work force in New Jersey. It was created to preserve integrity in government.  The law was enacted at the turn of the XX Century, by politicians who put the public interest ahead of their appetites. They modeled the new law after British Civil Service Law which served the empire so well in Britain and India. The British Civil Service was so efficient that both India and Pakistan kept most of their British civil servants after independence.

In New Jersey however, during the last 20 or 30 years, politicians of both parties have made a mockery of the law. They have literally dismantled it. And now governor Christie is up to do the same labor of destruction with Tenure Law, under the excuse of removing bad teachers.

If elected governor of N.J. in 2013, it is my intent to reform New Jersey Civil Service Law and make it as strict as politically and judicially possible.