French Presidential Election Could Affect Ours – La Recette – Video

Presideo – La présidentielle à la sauce CNN.

The French presidential election takes place this summer and its results could influence the fate of the euro zone, the European and world economies including our own, and ultimately the election of the next president of the United States in November 2012.

There is so much at stake in the French election that for the first time in history, we see a German chancellor – Merkel – actively campaigning for a French president – Sarkozy. Bismarck and DeGaulle must be turning in their graves.

By comparison, here in the U.S. we have two onions – republicans and democrats – and one chili pepper – Paul – in onion batter.

For London Youth, Down and Out Is Way of Life –

The situation for the American youth mirrors that of Europe except that we are much more honest and open when we talk about the shortcomings and difficulties of everyone else. Blame jingoism and the U.S.A. number 1 thing. But actually the two parties have a vested interest in hiding the crude realities, as we can see here in New Jersey – just one example – with education reform and NCLB; there is a deliberate attempt to ignore the crude realities of poverty, broken families, the lack of the education “culture” – even the mainstream media continues to glorify the drop-outs who made it big while it should be emphasizing that those individuals were the exception to the rule.

The epilogue of this story today is this: New Jersey is lagging in almost every economic parameter with respect to the nation.